Alden cemtery 004Harry Hewes, born Aug-11-1889, St. Mary’s, Kansas died Sept-21-1974, Apache, Caddo Co. Ok
Married 1909 Caddo Co. Ok.
Belle (Hood) Hewes. born Aug-10-1890, Gainsville, Ga. Died Aug-13-1969.

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Alden Oklahoma

Alden, Oklahoma located nine miles south and one mile east of Lathram now Carnegie, Oklahoma. Samuel and Jennie Carpenter came to Oklahoma from Missouri in 1901. Samuel and Jennie Carpenter built a store on their location. Jennie applied to Washington for a post office. She gave it the name of her son Alden. In 1901 Washington approved the post office and gave it the name Alden. Alden had a post office from 1901 to 1929. Jennie Carpenter was the first post master of Alden. Samuel and Jennie Carpenter donated land in 1908 for a new church and cemetery which is the present cemetery.